KL International Lawyers

KL International Lawyers is a Sydney CBD based law firm that was established in 2014.The firm specialises a range of legal services across several practice areas including

  • civil and commercial litigation
  • corporate, property,family law
  • immigration, estate and probate law

Listening to and understanding what matters most to our clients is our priority and we constantly strive to protect their best interests.

We have a strong sense of commercial acumen and appreciate that your time is valuable, so we are committed to delivering outstanding quality services in the most efficient manner.

We are proud to have achieved promising outcomes for both our local and international clients and their positive endorsements are certainly rewarding.

To find out more about how we can help you, please email us at mkoh@kllawyers.com.au or submit your enquiry by completing the form for a free initial consultation.

KL 国际律师事务所

KL 国际律师事务所成立于2014年,总部位于悉尼中央商务区,业务范围涉及

  • 民事和商事诉讼
  • 公司法,商业买卖和不动产买卖
  • 家庭法规, 移民法以及遗嘱和遗嘱认证等法律服务。




若您需要相关法律服务,请发电邮至 mkoh@kllawyers.com.au 我们将提供专业的法律服务,首次咨询服务费全免。